“Christmas Tree” bites the dust

“Christmas Tree” bites the dust

Sadly, Gladstone News readers, I have to inform you that the “Christmas Tree” on the roundabout on the corner of William Street and Goondoon Street is no more.

The Norfolk Island pine, which, let’s face it, has looked a bit skew-whiff in the last couple of years, was removed by tree-loppers this morning, leaving barely a stump.

In a rare Gladstone traffic jam, waits of up to 40 seconds were experienced and traffic banked up for at least half a city block.

A Gladstone Regional Council spokesperson said:

“The pine tree situated on the Goondoon St and William St roundabout was recently assessed by Council’s arborist and Ergon Energy staff and found to have the potential for disastrous impact on the power supply to Gladstone City should it fall. Consequently, it was recommended that the tree be removed prior to the forthcoming storm season. Lopping the tree was not considered to be a feasible option.”