Aussie hero, Claude Harvey, is pushing his mower to 1 Million dollars!

Aussie hero, Claude Harvey, is pushing his mower to 1 Million dollars!

Claude HarveyClaude “The Mowerman” Harvey has been pushing his mower around Australia for 10 going on 11 years. He has raised $942,000 for the Bravehearts Foundation, an organisation focused on supporting victims of child sexual assault and educating them about personal safety.

Claude spends 5 months of the year travelling and the remainder of the year resting at home on the Gold Coast with his Wife, 2 Children and 6 Grandchildren.

He recently travelled to Gladstone and Calliope on his way to ending his latest leg at Biloela.

Claude has already raised enough money to educate 74,000 children across the country and has experienced first-hand the difference his work is making. “I was in a park one day, when two young girls came up to people having a barbecue, terrified because a man was trying to take them away in his car, they called the police and I heard these little girls say to the police, we wouldn’t have known what to do if it wasn’t for Bravehearts.”

And Although Claude has already travelled around most of the country, he can see no end to his endeavour, “I just want to see all children educated by Bravehearts,” he said.

Claude is also only $55,000 off raising 1 Million dollars, a goal he hopes to reach by National Children’s Week, this year.

Claude held back tears as he described how he would celebrate reaching his goal, “I’ve already told the media that I don’t want to see anyone that day, they can come to me the next day because I’ll be too overwhelmed with joy.”

Claude Harvey