Clearview Christian College Update

Clearview Christian College Update

Renovation for the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands area’s first independent secondary school is well on-track, with learning planned to start in 2023, and the construction of new buildings set to begin in 2024.

With tuition fees now available and registrations open, the local college is well underway with planning their curriculum, and ensuring a unique learning experience for their future students.

Mrs Jenelle Wood, the Education Consultant for the facility, said that the prospective learning experience will put more focus into community, and the college’s immediate surroundings.

“The spaces in which everyday learning is set to take place is a key point of difference to the traditional classroom environment. The ‘places’ on and around the school site are positioned to be learning hubs. The biggest difference in our curriculum is that it has been designed by people who live in this community for students in this community. It is site specific for Boyne Tannum focused on the local environment, using sustainability principles and is a digitally based curriculum.”

With a total of 150 expressions of interest for the coming years, the future number of enrolment is expected to rise further, according to Executive Assistant, Miss Hannah James.

“We do anticipate that future enrolment demands will continue to increase significantly, being the lead in year to the school opening.”

Executive Director Dean Loosmore said that local parents who have registered their interest in their children’s enrolment have already responded to the release of the school’s fees and curriculum plans.

“The proposed tuition fees are reflective of a high quality and innovative educational program delivery. An early release of the prospectus to families from the 2021 expressions of interest campaign, has been very well received. In recent discussions with parents and students looking to enrol their students at Clearview, it was evident that they were interested because the learning experiences were embedded in the unique setting. Further, parents indicated that the proposed tuition fees were as expected and comparable with other colleges in the region.

“We are still waiting our accreditation before we appoint our founding College Principal and begin enrolments, though we expect this to happen in the next six months.”

The Clearview College website has been updated to include the digital prospectus, available at

Photos courtesy of Dean Loosmore.