Computer donation changes young student’s life

Computer donation changes young student’s life

At nine months old, Samantha Lestrange was diagnosed with High Myopia.

Her left eye can only see 6/36 (someone with good vision can see up to 36 meters while Samantha can only see six) and her right eye is borderline blind.

Starting Year 4 at Kin Kora State School this year, Samantha’s mum Trish Edmond was advised by Vision Australia to purchase a MacBook Pro with a large 16-inch screen to help her with her school work.

At over $3,700, it was an expensive purchase for her parents who, with four children, were going to have to save up for an extended period of time for the much-needed educational resource.

Enter the ladies from the Gladstone Quota Club.

After being advised by Trish’s boss of the family’s situation, they used the money raised from their Christmas Cent Sale to purchase Samantha her computer, and presented it to her at a special meeting last month.

Club President Aileen Weeden said as soon as they heard about Samantha’s needs they were keen to get involved.

“Our main aim in Quota is to spend our fundraising monies locally, and this is exactly what we have done,” she said.

“We’re passionate about helping local causes, and changing lives, which I think we have done with Samantha and her family.”

Trish said the donation was a huge, and much appreciated, shock to her and her husband Andrew.

“We were completely unaware that my boss, Graham McVean, had told the Quota ladies of our situation and Samantha’s needs,” she said.

“So we were blown away when they presented us with this new computer.

“This means so much to Samantha. Her vision is very poor so she needs this computer to magnify and declutter her work.

“Sometimes it’s hard to accept help; you always feel there is someone out there that needs it more than  you, but we couldn’t have purchased this computer for Samantha this year, and it will make a huge difference to her education.

”There’s just not enough words, we’re very appreciative of the lovely ladies at Quota and their generosity.”

Education is important to the ladies at the Gladstone Quota Club, and through the Pencils Plus Project, which they adopted four years ago, they deliver backpacks full of resources to schools around the region from Miriam Vale to Mount Larcom.

This year they are delivering 187 packs, and donating separately to Rosella Park School, with monies raised from their annual Mother’s Day Cent Sale.

The Gladstone Quota Club meets on the second Monday of the month at the Gladstone City Library meeting room from 6:30pm.

Social gatherings are held on the fourth Monday of the month, and everyone is welcome to join in the fun activities.

Their next Cent Sale will be held on May 7, the day before Mother’s Day, at Gladstone Bowls Club.

For more information contact Aileen on 0419 672 697 or join the Quota Club of Gladstone Inc. Facebook Group.