Confirmed body found is as a man in his 30s.

Confirmed body found is as a man in his 30s.

It’s been long and awful few days for Queensland Police, QFS and Gladstone Regional Council workers trying to retrieve a body found in a storm water drain next to Brian Niven Park in Gladstone.

Fingerprint identification confirmed his identity as a man in his 30s. Police will not release his name at this stage but autopsy results will be finalised within coming days.

As Gladstone locals we have all been wondering who the person is that will be found and now the information released is that the body is male but the name still remains unconfirmed. We now wait and get ready to throw our arms and support around a family who may get a knock on the door with bad news.

It took three investigators and multiple firefighters to retrieve the man’s body in traumatic conditions. We want to send a very big thank you to these wonderful humans who woke up this morning and did a job that no one ever wants to have to do. We appreciate your commitment to our people and community.

Sad news for a Friday afternoon.