Congratulations Yvonne Keenan! Shop To Win Winner 2020

Congratulations Yvonne Keenan! Shop To Win Winner 2020

Gladstone’s Shop To Win competition has wrapped up for another year with Gladstone local Yvonne Keenan taking home the $10,000 shopping spree.

This year there were over 26’000 entries spread across 27 participating retailers.

Yvonne couldn’t believe she had won the competition.

“My husband and I were in Rocky for a couple of days and when we arrived home I got a call from Ashleigh (owner of Gladstone News) telling me I had won.

“I thought somebody was pulling my leg!

“I didn’t believe it, to tell you the truth I had forgotten all about it. I couldn’t even remember where I had purchased things to enter the competition.So it came as a big surprise, it was lovely.” Yvonne said.

Yvonne grew up in Mount Morgan and moved to Gladstone in the 80’s with her husband from Newcastle. Yvonne and her husband were local business owners themselves owning B&K Hydraulics for seven years.

Yvonne believes she only entered the competition once or twice, and submitted the winning ticket at Gladstone Central News and Gifts after purchasing a birthday present for a friend.

When asked what her first purchase was Yvonne said,

“I went to Little Bloom Room and purchased a hamper for the emergency staff that were working at the Gladstone Hospital over Christmas.”

“I just wanted to thank all the shop owners who participated in this competition, with COVID-19 a lot of small businesses are doing it tough these days and to put up money for a prize I think is excellent!”

The team at Gladstone News would also like to thank everyone who was involved in Shop To Win 2020.