Container Refund Scheme begins in Queensland

Container Refund Scheme begins in Queensland

On November 1st the Container Refund Scheme (CRS) Containers for Change will start in Queensland. Containers returned to a Container Refund Point will receive a 10cent refund per eligible container. 

The scheme will also include Donation Points set up by local charities and community groups to allow people to donate their containers, with the 10-cent refund per container going back to the nominated charity or group.  

The Container Refund Scheme will;   

  • Reduce litter and plastic pollution in the environment.  
  • Ensure all containers that receive a refund are recycled.  
  • Increase business and employment opportunities.  
  • Protect of Queensland’s beautiful wildlife and marine life.  
  • Provide fundraising opportunities for community groups and charities.  

At the launch of the scheme, there are expected to be more than 230 Container Refund Points across the state.  


  • Clean Up Australia Day found that beverages containers make up 23% of litter collected in Queensland.  
  • 2.4 billion containers are used each year in Queensland, most are wasted or littered. 
  •  Drink containers are the second most commonly littered item. They pollute the natural environment and littler streets, parks and waterways.  

Gladstone Region State MP, Glenn Butcher said the Container Refund Scheme will be great for the region. “There is a massive need for it,” he said.  Glenn said the scheme is a great opportunity for sporting groups and not for profits to grab hold of the benefits of this scheme. “Particularly sitting here in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, it is really important to stop these plastics, cans and bottles from going into our environment, “he added.  Glenn said he and his family had already started making the change at home. He encourages everyone to take up the challenge.  

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