CORRECT INFORMATION REGARDING BREAKING NEWS – Butlers Yarwun Quarry is NOT in liquidation.

CORRECT INFORMATION REGARDING BREAKING NEWS – Butlers Yarwun Quarry is NOT in liquidation.

Butlers Yarwun Quarries


An article released by another local publication, this morning, included information regarding the liquidation of Yarwun Quarries.

Although it was released as breaking news, it should be stated that the closing of this business happened 12 months ago.

While the company was not named incorrectly in the article, here at Gladstone News we consider it important to state ALL of the facts, especially around such a sensitive matter.

The reason this needs to be clarified is that a new, local, family-run business has been operating out of the same location, under the name Butlers Yarwun Quarries for almost 12 months. Information released as breaking news is automatically going to reflect on the current business, therefore, we would like to clarify that the previous owner has been in liquidation for some time which is not reflective of the current owners.

Butlers Yarwun Quarries celebrate their 1 year birthday tomorrow and that should not be overshadowed by speculation that they are in financial hardship.

Butlers Yarwun Quarries co-owner Jeannine Butler said “This is not Butlers Yarwun Quarries, I assure you. We are very much alive and kicking and looking forward to celebrating a successful year of business, tomorrow.”

Butlers Yarwun Quarries have worked tirelessly to ensure they offer a superior service to their customers and it’s really easy for their livelihood to become at risk if people are misinformed.

Gladstone has seen enough of local business owners suffer through the downfall of our economy. Let’s not thrust a successful business into the firing line via misinformation.

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