Destination Beauty – Put your best face forward on holiday with our expert advice!

Destination Beauty – Put your best face forward on holiday with our expert advice!


Friday June 22nd sees the Carnival Spirit dock at Auckland Point, bringing over 2000 happy holiday makers to our town.


It’s got us dreaming about a getaway and with school holidays coming up soon, many families in our region are looking forward to two weeks of escapism and adventure.

If you want to look beautiful all vacation long, we have the hottest holiday tips right here in Gladstone News courtesy of Eleni Meyrick from MizHitch Beauty and Makeup.

  1. For long-lasting holiday brows consider henna eyebrow stain which typically lasts for up to two weeks saving you the hassle of having to pencil in daily
  2. A lash lift treatment and semi-permanent mascara will give you the appearance of longer and fuller lashes without the need for false fibres – better still, no panda eyes or smudging when you jump into that clear blue ocean or ship-board pool!

A lash lift can last up to 12 weeks or more and semi-permanent mascara lasts for 3-4weeks

  1. Glow before you go! Fake tan with your trusted professional and follow their care instructions leading up to your appointment and after, so you can get the best coverage from your tan while on holidays.
  2. Fake tanning is all very well but be sun-safe! Continue with your usual skincare routine, keep hydrated and avoid sunburn. Let’s remember our holidays for the good times and not for the sun damage!
  3. Avoid henna tattoos while away – our Aussie standards protect us from products that can potentially scar your skin for life. While getting a henna tattoo is really fun and looks super cool, cases of permanent burn scarring are a reality!
  4. Nothing quite says “I’ve been on holidays somewhere exotic” than hair braids! Choose your technician wisely though because head-lice from contaminated combs is one souvenir you don’t want to take home with you.
  5. Cosmetic procedures – research, research, research!!! Eyebrow and general tattooing and cosmetic injectables are definitely cheaper in many of our neighbouring international destinations, but “just because we can does not mean that we should!”. These types of procedures should never be carried out on a whim, either on holidays or at home regardless of the financial saving!

Happy holidays to everybody on the Carnival Spirit and all the locals dreaming of school holidays! We’d love to hear your holiday stories and see your snaps, e-mail us!