Elevate your businesses with social media

Elevate your businesses with social media

In collaboration with Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA), Elevate Media recently hosted an interactive workshop for local businesses focusing on the tools, skills, and strategies needed to launch successful social marketing campaigns.


Many businesses find the world of Social Media rather daunting, the workshop focused on providing easy actionable strategies and useful tips, as well as troubleshooting each business’s unique problems, in real-time.

The workshop shared Elevate’s unique insider tips on how to grow a social media following, while simultaneously establishing a definitive brand through meaningful and engaging content.

Throughout the workshop, businesses were given a holistic view of social media and how to use each platform uniquely to reach their full potential. Using GEA’s state of the art presentation rooms and equipment, the workshop covered Facebook, Instagram, and the often forgotten and underutilised platform LinkedIn.

GEA was very excited to host the event when asked why they were interested in participating in the collaboration, Events & Communications Manager Carey McIntosh said,

“GEA is always looking for opportunities to help facilitate professional development for our members, and social media is a really powerful tool for small to medium enterprises that might not have large advertising budgets to reach their target audience.”

Carey went on to say,

“The team from Elevate Media did a really great job, they were very professional and it was very informative. I think the participants took a lot away which they’ll hopefully put in practise.”  

Elevate Media is looking forward to seeing how all the attendees utilize the information they have been taught and the staff can’t wait to see them thrive on each of their social platforms!