Elizabeth Orr Helps Us Prepare for the B2B

Elizabeth Orr Helps Us Prepare for the B2B

Botanic to Bridge!  An easy event for some, and a significant challenge for others.  However, irrespective of your level of fitness, pain is the one issue that will thwart your best efforts to haul your family up Glenlyon Road on a Sunday morning!

The truth is that each one of us have some sort of niggle that surfaces at the most inconvenient times, especially when we embark on public fitness events.  And so many times the cause eludes us and we stagger to the finish and collapse in a sweaty heap.

So what can we do to prevent this from happening, and more importantly what do you want to improve in this year’s Botanic to Bridge?  Is your personal goal merely completion in one piece, or is it to complete the event ‘better’ and ‘faster’ than previous years?

So many of us love walking and running, but are left with stiffness in our hips and tightening at the front of our legs.  You may be aware of this as you progress on your walk / run, noticing your stride length decreasing – feeling restriction in your hips.  A common progression from this limitation is subsequent irritation of the sacro-iliac joint (pain in your lower back and backside region), worsening the more you attempt to push through.  Further to this is a delightful referral of pain into your leg or groin and eventual inclusion of the sciatic nerve…  All this from tightening of the hips and hip flexors!

Does this sound familiar??  If so, here is a simple tip to get you to the finish line like a speeding bullet:

Open the front of your hips and associated muscles with a quick and frequent stretch during your walk – prevent inflammation of your sacro-iliac joint by addressing the cause.  Simply hold on to a lamp post (or one of your kids) and pull your ankle up to your backside, trying to pull back even further if you are able.  A quick one second stretch is all that is necessary, but make sure it is done frequently and on both sides.

So my friends, I wish you luck with this wee piece of advice, though remind you prevention is better than cure.  If you already are aware of an issue, fix it now.  Come on in and get it treated so that you don’t merely participate in this year’s Botanic to Bridge, but achieve a milestone you never thought you could…

All the very best!