Empowering Communities for a Safer Tomorrow

Empowering Communities for a Safer Tomorrow

Julie West never anticipated that her journey would lead to the creation of the E Watch Group.

It all began with a deep-seated concern, a strong sense of duty and a tragic event—the youth crime epidemic, notably highlighted by Emma Lovell’s heartbreaking murder. In response to this pressing issue, Julie launched the “Emma’s Law” petition, which, to her amazement, garnered an impressive 150,000 signatures. 

This overwhelming display of community support left no doubt that collective action was essential to address these challenges, ultimately leading to the establishment of the E Watch Group. Her nomination for ‘Volunteer of the Year’, particularly coming from a dedicated Police Officer, came as a surprising yet exhilarating validation of their collaborative efforts. 

“I was very surprised when I found out that I had been nominated by a police officer!” said Julie.

“It really means the world to me, as safety is something I’m incredibly passionate about. I really encourage all areas of Gladstone to look at starting an E-Watch through Queensland Police as its everyone’s job to keep our communities safe.”

For those seeking further information, Julie encourages them to explore the resources available through Queensland Neighbourhood Watch. As for the award ceremony, it is scheduled to take place in Brisbane in the near future, presenting Julie with an opportunity to continue championing community safety.


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