Empowering the Pink Ribbon: Uniting for Breast Cancer Hope

Empowering the Pink Ribbon: Uniting for Breast Cancer Hope

This past month, we’ve shone a spotlight on the tireless efforts of the McGrath Foundation, which raises vital funds to provide dedicated McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

These nurses offer invaluable support, expert guidance and a genuine sense of compassion, helping individuals and their families navigate the challenging journey from diagnosis to treatment.

In the heart of Gladstone, Cassie Perrins, a resilient 47 year old woman, has been on quite a remarkable journey, supported by the unwavering care of Sally Haley, a dedicated McGrath Breast Care Nurse. 

“With over three decades of experience as a registered nurse, I am deeply passionate about delivering unwavering support and ensuring access to the highest standard of care,” said Sally.

“In my role, guiding people through this challenging and frequently bewildering period is a true privilege. Cassie is an extraordinary woman and her two daughters never fail to bring warmth and joy with their caring personalities,” 

“To be able to help people navigate and live well throughout this tricky and often confusing time is such a privilege.” said Sally.

Cassie Perrins, who is a breast cancer patient under Sally’s care shares some valuable insights.

“I know that 1 in 5 people experiencing breast cancer will miss out on having a dedicated breast care nurse this year, I cannot emphasise enough how vital having a specialist breast care nurse has enabled myself and my family to live well whilst living with a secondary cancer diagnosis.” said Cassie.

The battle against breast cancer is ongoing and its impact is deeply felt within our communities. The prediction of 57 daily diagnoses in Australia serves as a stark reminder of the urgency to advance research and support those affected. With a lifetime risk of 1 in 7 for women and 1 in 542 for men, we must continue to raise awareness, invest in prevention and provide unwavering support for all those touched by this disease. 

To learn more about the significant impact that The McGrath Foundation has on its beloved community, you can read more on their website at https://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au/

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