Fancy some fresh crab for dinner? Here is your How To…

Fancy some fresh crab for dinner? Here is your How To…

Since summer is in full force I thought I might do a little write up for catching Mud Crabs in and around Gladstone, nothing better than a nice feed of Crabs on a hot summer’s day.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get some fresh crabs, you can pick up some pots from any of the local tackle stores and they will all be willing to dish out some advice for free as well, each person can put down a maximum of 4 pots and possession limits for Mud Crabs is 10 per person.  In Queensland our female Crabs are no take so you can only take home the males (Bucks) and the minimum size is 15cm across the spine.

Most avid Crabbers will have a favourite bait to load into the pots, fish frames are popular as is strip baits, chicken necks or carcasses are also a good go-to bait.  Now that we have the pots baited up the real fun begins, where to put them, we are truly very spoilt with the amount of intricate creeks and rivers we have just on our door step.  Popular hot spots are Grahams Creek, up the Narrows around Toolooa Bends and there are some great hidey holes in the Calliope but in all honesty enjoy your time exploring and find your spot x, it’s all a part of the fun of Crabbing and it really is a great family activity.  Unfortunately there are a few out and about who raid other people’s pots and sometime damage them so its possibly good to fish around the area your pots are soaking so you can keep an eye on them, if you want to leave them over night do your best to hide your floats.  Cooking them is easy, they always taste better if you grab a bucket of salt water before you leave the ramp and use that to boil them for around 12-14 minutes then straight onto ice, from there your options of flavour are endless, get creative or enjoy them as nature intended.

Well I hope everyone had a magical Christmas and I hope we see lots of people out trying their new fishing toys and tackle, always remember to only take what you need and respect the bag limits and we can teach the next generation to do the same so we can maintain what we have here which is pretty special.



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