Fisherman Ray finally gets his fishing trip of a lifetime and a new mate!

Fisherman Ray finally gets his fishing trip of a lifetime and a new mate!

After 75-year-old Ray Johnstone posted a heart-string-pulling ad on Gumtree earlier this month looking for a mate to go fishing with, the response he received was more than he could have ever expected.

Ray was overwhelmed with the response, and happily took up the generous offer from 22-year-old Mati Batsinilas of Bats Fishing. As a no-charter operator, Mati’s offer was one based purely on passion and love for fishing. Reportedly, more than 100 anglers have been in touch with him since the 75-year-old cast a line on the internet for fishing company and the day has finally come for him to fish with the best of the best!

Today Mati and Ray along with Ray’s grandson embarked on a fishing adventure of a lifetime, relaxing and getting a feel of their surrounds. The experienced anglers were sure to pick a great island spot to start their journey (that we couldn’t quite pry out of them!) and will soon have a bumper catch in their hands. Tomorrow is the big day when the real fishing begins so keep your eyes peeled for some serious fish pics!

This is what Mati had to say to Gladstone News about their big fishing adventure:

“I honestly just was doing this as a gesture for Ray, so that he could have a mate to fish with and experience all that Queensland has to offer. I definitely didn’t expect it to get this much media attention, but the main thing is that Ray has got a new fishing mate out of it, so I really couldn’t ask for anything better. I’m looking forward to the next couple of days, relaxing in the Queensland sun and doing what we love!”

We love a feel-good story with a happy ending, and Ray’s new found fishing friends have definitely provided him with that and so much more. Good on you boys!


The response to Ray’s ad on Gumtree was more than he could ever expect. Source: Gumtree