Four Stunning Interior Design Schemes

Four Stunning Interior Design Schemes

When it comes to creating stunning indoor spaces that stand the test of time, the key is to balance decorative with practical. With four individual themes, these interiors are easy to adapt to any home.

Boutique Hotel

Arguably one of the most popular styles when it comes to interior design right now, the Boutique Hotel oozes luxury and elegance. This style has a lot of light and dark contrasts in colour with black, navy and fresh white to give it a sense of grandeur. This includes chevron pattern surfaces with silk-look wallpaper and elegant navy-blue tones that tie it all together.


Palm Springs

Inspired by sunshine and relaxation, this theme is all about easy living and modern design. Using colour, tiles, wallpaper, and a range of fittings, aim for a ‘sense of colour and fun’.





Relaxed Bohemian

Boho style has been popular for decades. It’s all about kicking back and chilling out. This is all about soft calm whites, natural textures, stone and timber that is more about creating a sensory lifestyle than a particular fixed design style.





Modernist Expression

Modern typically means crisp lines and simple colour palettes. Most modernist designs can feel hard with high contrasting elements but introducing textures of travertine and soft grey timbers is important to give a more personal feel. This is about taking influences of strong modern lines such as Art Deco, mid-century and 70s architecture and giving it a 21st-century influence with patterns and textures.