Get out of the city!

Get out of the city!

No, we’re not talking about Muslims and mosques, we’re talking about our Politicians.

The idea of politicians and public servants getting out of the city is to encourage government departments to look at setting up in regional areas. This concept is pushing for a closer look at regional options and not just automatically making city locations the home for government workforce.

There are just 3 days left available for submissions to the Senate enquiry into Decentralisation. Locals residents, community groups and councils are urged to make their ideas heard. It is imperative regional voices are heard in Canberra in order to highlight the national benefits decentralising can have.

Ken Odowd


Ken O’Dowd MP held a conference this morning where he expressed with great passion just how much the Gladstone region has to offer.
“Gladstone has great potential for any government agency looking to get out of the capital cities. We have ver affordable, high-quality housing and corporate office space, a well-serviced airport, and probably the best weather anywhere on the planet!”  Mr O’Dowd said.


With the current downturn in employment opportunities in our region, it always uplifting to see potential growth. However, while the Nationals are promising access to quality careers in public sectors, were left wondering whether that will be a reality. With the Government relocating an entire sector, that will come with an already employed staff of that sector, leaving the only opportunities for new employment being those of a downstream nature.

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