Getting Into Gardening

Getting Into Gardening

As Coronavirus lockdown laws keep us inside the boundaries of our home, there has never been a better time to get out and stuck into the garden. If it’s been a while since you put on the gardening gloves, here are a few things you can do this weekend.



Autumn is the best time of year to give your turf some TLC before the onset of cooler weather. Aerating is a must-do Autumn activity, especially with the compacted heavy soil found throughout Gladstone. Simply drive a pitchfork halfway down into the ground and wiggle it, remove, and repeat across the lawn. When mowing, raise the level of the mower as it’s best not to cut too short leading into the cooler months, this will help the turf bounce back in spring. Any well-worn patches can be top-dressed now using fine topsoil, lightly rake it in and level it across the area.


Seeds to sow

With the temperature pleasantly dropping there are a lot of things that can go into the ground at the moment. This includes:

  • Tomatoes
  • Edible Greens
  • Salads
  • Silverbeet
  • Chards
  • Radishes



Autumn is the ideal time of year to fertilise! Give trees, shrubs and especially lawns some organic pelletised fertiliser This will encourage plant cells to thicken, making your plants more resilient to fungus and disease during the colder months ahead.

Indoor gardening

If you live in an apartment or just lack backyard space don’t worry, there is plenty you can still grow from the comfort of your living room. Succulents are a great place to start, they’re hardy, drought-resistant and unbelievably easy to propagate. Just take a small stem cutting or leaf, allow to dry for a couple of days and pop into the free-draining potting mix – it’s that easy! Another popular indoor plant is the Peace Lily, it’s hardy, loves the shade and free-draining soil.