Gidarjil Trainees Graduate in Conservation and Land Management

Gidarjil Trainees Graduate in Conservation and Land Management

Last Friday ten new indigenous trainees have graduated from the Gidarjil Development Corporation, achieving Certificates (Cert) in Conservation and Land Management. The graduates had support from family and friends who were in attendance alongside Gladstone Regional Mayor Matt Burnett – who stressed the importance of the program.

“I have been very supportive of this program over many years, It’s fantastic and very important as it provides a foundation for certificates which are required for people to move onto full time work.”

For some of the graduates, the program presented them with their first opportunity for full-time employment, one graduate Stanley Mason saying

“I saw it as the perfect opportunity to just go for it, and I went for it and took the job, I’m happy with myself and where I’ve come and I’d love to continue to do more training and more Cert’s. I want to do a Cert III in Conservation and Security.”

The next round of intake has opened this week, with many of the previous graduates encouraging their friends and other members of indigenous community to apply and just ‘give it a go’.