Gladstone Area Water Board: EcoFest, Our Water, And More!

Gladstone Area Water Board: EcoFest, Our Water, And More!

EcoFest on the 5th of June saw Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) launch their ‘Our Water’ survey, as well as plenty of fun activity stations.

The new ‘Our Water’ survey is an initiative to gain a better understanding of the Gladstone community’s relationship with water at home, work and school. The survey was launched at EcoFest, and is open to residents until the 19th of June. The results will help GAWB better understand the Gladstone Region’s attitudes and relationships regarding water conservation.

“The goal was to make the stall educational, informative and most importantly, FUN. We set up five activity stations aimed at children and adults alike, which included the new Aquaculture Gladstone barramundi jigsaw puzzle, giant jenga, native or not mix & match and much more,” said GAWB Communications Specialist Grace Duckham.

EcoFest was an opportunity to showcase Gladstone’s ties with the environment, and allow people to communicate with those who are helping to strengthen these connections, including GAWB’s proudly local workforce.

“Overall, the day was a great success and the attendees enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about water through interactive play.”