Gladstone Garden & Landscaping Supplies lend a helping hand

Gladstone Garden & Landscaping Supplies lend a helping hand

Gladstone locals Marcena and Danny Cashman, owners of Gladstone Garden & Landscaping Supplies, recently completed a free landscaping job for a customer who unwittily fell victim to a $3000 scam.

The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted a landscaping company to re-turf their yard. The company demanded an upfront payment of $3000 only to disappear off the face of the earth once receiving the payment, disconnecting all phone numbers associated with the company.

“My husband quickly got on the phone to Mick from Turfworks they both agreed to surprise the customer completing the turfing.” Marcena said.

“The landscaping we were doing at the time wasn’t turfing but my husband and Mick decided to add some as a surprise for the customer and we went halves in the supply and installation of the turf.”

Marcena said the customer was overwhelmed by the generosity, bursting into tears when they revealed the new turf.

Gladstone Garden & Landscaping and Turfworks had to clear the area, truck in soil, truck in the turf and finally lay it on the ground. It took a total of three men and two days to complete the job.

“We have a great working relationship with Mick from Turfworks, they are a really great crew, so we just rang him, and he was on board!”

Marcena said her husband Danny was the driving force behind the project and wanted to lend a hand as he really felt for the customer.

“It’s a lot of money! The customer wasn’t in a high paying job, they have been saving like mad to get the other landscaping work done, so Danny thought if we could do something small to put a smile on their face that would be nice.”