Gladstone Goodness Project

Gladstone Goodness Project


Haters gonna hate, but Gladstone is a great place to live! We have an awesome sense of community in Gladstone and we can definitely see that with this latest stream of kind gestures, called the Gladstone Goodness Project.

Screenshot 2Gladstone Goodness Project’……A secret group of kind of people (we don’t know who they are or why they decided to do this) have been spreading goodness around the region.  The businesses that have been involved have no idea who they are either.

Last week customers of the Empty Plate and Coffee Ink were receivers of lovely messages and gifts from the Gladstone Goodness Project. It’s great to see such affirming stories coming from members of the community.

While we don’t know who you are, thank you for injecting some much needed positivity into Gladstone!

If you have been stumbled across this project, let us know at Gladstone News so we can keep spreading the word! Keep an eye out for more from the Gladstone Goodness Project!