Gladstone Gymnastics Shines at National Clubs Carnival!

Gladstone Gymnastics Shines at National Clubs Carnival!

The National Clubs Carnival is an annual nationwide gymnastics competition on the Gold Coast, bringing together over 5,000 competitors from all corners of Australia.

This massive event spans two weeks at the end of September. 

Rosie Parnell, who is the WAG Head Coach for the Gladstone Gymnastics Club, has shared her thoughts about the Gladstone team’s performance at this year’s event.

“All of our gymnasts competed beautifully! They represented our club and region with pride and passion and we are extremely proud of them,” said Rosie.

“Our WAG level nine team won gold in the all around competition, which is such a fantastic achievement! They also won gold on bars and bronze on beam. Gladstone gymnasts Jenna also won gold in all around individual finals, as well as gold on bars, silver on floor and bronze on beam, and Felicity won gold on beam and silver on bars,”

“Our other WAG teams also achieved some remarkable team accomplishments, with the level six team achieving 6th all around, and silver on beam. The level five team earned 5th all around!” beamed Rosie.

The level five team was composed of Kaylee, Kyah, Layla and Isabella, showcasing their agility and skill. The level six team included standout gymnasts such as Destiny, Elle-Jaye, Ellie, Gemma, Indiana and Penny, while level nine featured Ava, Felicity, Jenna and Zara. Remarkably, in the level six category, Cadence’s individual talents left a lasting impression. 

With graceful routines and dazzling flips, Gladstone’s Acrobatic gymnasts also conquered the competition. The dynamic level four pair, Teliyah & Sophia, achieved a stunning bronze in balance and 6th overall.  The 11-16 years trio, composed of Hannah, Grace and Leah, electrified the arena emerging with a hat trick of bronze medals.

The level eight trio, starring Zarah, Isabella and Lara, gracefully defied gravity, earning gold in balance, as well as securing a pair of bronzes combined and all around.

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