Gladstone high school students test power of hydrogen

Gladstone high school students test power of hydrogen

What’s clean, green and can’t be seen?

Students at Gladstone State High School recently found out it’s hydrogen! 

At a Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy Future HyWay Workshop on November 9, students learnt the important role hydrogen is likely to play in powering homes and decarbonising industry in the years ahead.

GSHS Acting Principal Dave Romagnolo said the workshop was timely given the Premier’s recent announcement of a $2 million grant for training facilities targeted at the hydrogen industry for the school.

“It’s very helpful that this workshop is linked to the science of hydrogen and its use as a clean energy source within the Australian Curriculum for students in years 9 and 10,” he said.

“Bringing their classroom work to life in a real-world context is extremely effective in encouraging students and enhancing their learning experiences.

“It’s also very beneficial for the students to meet industry people and learn about their careers to help them with decisions on career choices.”

Sponsored by Australian Gas Industry Trust, the workshop involved students designing and building their own mini vehicle using hydrogen fuel cell technology. 

Students also had the opportunity to speak with Origin Energy industry representatives about their careers and roles within Origin Energy – Future Fuels.