Gladstone’s Power Couple head to Australian National BMX Championships

Gladstone’s Power Couple head to Australian National BMX Championships

Gladstone’s local power couple Krystal and Phil Brezigar are looking forward to a fun-filled year in professional BMX racing, with their next race being the Australian National Championships!

Krystal started racing when she was just eight years old and has been enjoying it ever since. Krystal and Phil took a break from professional racing when they had kids, about ten years ago, but they have since gotten back into the racing scene.

“At the start of last year I kind of jumped into it for fun and fitness not thinking I would go back in professionally,” Krystal explained. She said a lot of the women who raced with her were younger, but she was keen to prove that even if you’re a mum you can still do it! Krystal was among the top six for Queensland and was interested in seeing how she’d perform on a national level. The couple’s ultimate goal is to achieve number one in Australia at the upcoming 2020 BMXA National Championships!

Phil and Krystal train six days a week with activities including gym sessions, sprint training, track training and gate starts. Krystal said, “the training can be intensive but if you want to reach your goals you have to do the hard yards”.

They receive support from 720armour, Koala Racing and our very own local Mantis Sportswear, receiving assistance with racing equipment, sports eyewear and bags for carrying their gear.

Krystal encourages anyone who’s thinking of riding to go for it, “It’s for anybody. It’s a lot of fun and a family-friendly sport, which you don’t have to do professionally. The best part is being with your family, travelling and seeing Australia.”

Well done Phil and Krystal and we wish you all the best with the 2020 BMXA National Championships!