Gladstone State High School Update

Gladstone State High School Update

GSHS students prepare for life beyond school

part_1478657732952-1This year GSHS students in the Junior School have had the opportunity to complete a 10 week program on developing 21st century skills. The program focuses on the skills of working collaboratively, thinking creatively, and solving problems.

In the last term of the year, Year 7 students were asked to build the tallest tower possible with a few resources. Some of them managed to have their towers touch the ceiling. 21st century leaders in the making!

Outdoor Education Beach Camp

14925500_1629949170364521_516567532404978047_nLast week saw a massive 3 days for the girls Outdoor Education class at GSHS. The class went camping at 1770 where the girls learnt how to surf and went stand up paddle boarding. They were also able to explore the beauty of our region via the many walking tracks, and learnt more about our eco systems and the regions history on the LARC tour.

Outdoor Education (OED) is an elective class available for year 9 students.