Glenn Churchill

Glenn Churchill

Your choice as your voice

I have been and will continue to be, a strong voice for the Gladstone Region.

I have been an active, loyal and proud resident of the greater Gladstone Region and CQ for nearly 30 years; serving our communities and delivering results.

I have the experience energy and commitment to bring a common-sense approach being “Your choice as your voice” to the Gladstone Regional Council.

Together with my wife Sue and extended family, I have had the great privilege of serving the best interests of the residents, businesses, visitors, investors, local governments, volunteers, hard-working people, and community groups of our region.

I am excited about the progress being done and the future plans for our region; we should be proud of what we have, plan and fight for what we need, and together let’s get what we deserve.

As one of your selected councillors, I give you my continued assurance that I am committed and determined to work hard for the communities and our region.