GNW is back, who are these people?

GNW is back, who are these people?

Hi I’m Karina the new owner of Gladstone News Weekly and I am so proud to be welcoming this local champion newspaper that’s spent the past 14 years serving our community back. My partner Keith and our two young kids Isabella and Arlo are excited to bring this much loved read to you.


I wanted to take this opportunity to be very real with you Gladstone. Often over my career in media I have found people think media owners and workers have a luxurious lifestyle and are some ‘well off’ family. Keith and I are a very average family (maybe even below average). We rent a house in Kirkwood, our cars are financed and we both work other jobs to do this paper that we are passionate about. Contrary to popular belief we don’t spend the weekend on a boat sipping fine wine, in fact we spend it hanging at home with our kids after a busy week or going to the Tannum, PCYC market or East Shores. In order to prove this, I have included the picture you see on the cover when we announced we were the new owners and I prove why you cant always judge a ‘newspaper owner’ by a cover – like most men, I had to tell Keith to ‘wear a nice shirt’ and so he did, but he also kept his joggers on and a funny T-Shirt underneath – he loves making people DSC_0573 (2) (1)smile with a funny T-Shirt (like most dads) Our son Arlo spewed on my shoulder mid way though this picture being taken too.


Some people have been asking ‘what make’s you think you can make a paper?’

Firstly I have a have a great local team working with me and without being self-indulgent I will try an answer with some background. I moved to Gladstone seven years ago after landing my dream job of Breakfast Show host on HOT FM. I spent my mornings talking to people on the radio for a fair few years here in Gladstone and loved it. Previously to that I have worked in press at Sydney Morning Herald, Dolly Magazine, Seniors Newspaper and then radio, TV and marketing and spent the past few years working on upgrading my skills in the new media and digital sector heading up Elevate Media.

That brings me to Gladstone News Weekly, I think it’s vitally important that we have independently owned media around. Not just media owned by a big company with decision makers in another postcode. Mostly, I am proud to be a true locally owned media outlet that employs all local staff here in Gladstone.

We have made a few changes that you may notice – We are keeping the heart and soul of GNW with the community info, events and good news stories but we decided to give it a little facelift. In the paper & magazine world 14 years requires some Botox, so we have changed the style and design with an all new glossy card paper that we are printing on. The big change is that we now have a 24/7 online news site. You can read articles on our website. I am hoping my background in media and digital platforms helps revolutionize the experience and make GNW a great read either in print or on screen.

A few thank you notes need to be handed out. It is the advertisers that keep my staff in work and give us the ability to produce this paper. Without them we couldn’t promote the local events or talk about what’s going on locally. I’ve been overwhelmed and grateful to the business community in Gladstone who has supported the return of GNW.

Thanks to my talented team who have worked hard to re-creating this first edition and the website that’s just launched. I’d like to thank them for being passionate professionals with awesome media skills.

Keith and I are here to be real, honest, share local stories and be a part of a wonderful community. Thanks for having us Gladstone.

We dedicate the first edition of this Newspaper to my amazing mum Kerilee, who passed away just a few short months ago. She raised my sister and myself while running her own business and was a big believer that local business was the most important asset in a community. She would have been proud of this newspaper.


If we healthy, we wealthy