GPC Employees Benefit from Driver Awareness Course

GPC Employees Benefit from Driver Awareness Course

Gladstone Port’s Corporation recently sent 24 apprentices, trainees and tradespeople to take part in a two-day driver awareness course at the Benaraby Driver Education Centre.  

At the course, they learnt about low-risk defensive driver techniques that can be adopted when driving a work or personal vehicle to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.  

Chris Doring was among those participating in the course. He said it was a good learning experience, particularly when handling cars in different road conditions.  “Learning how the car performs when you take them into different extremes was a good learning curve for me,” Chris said. ”We drove at relatively high speeds on both a dry and wet track and it definitely highlighted the precautions we need to be taking to avoid an accident.” 

Anyssa Mason also took away some key learnings to put into practice both at work and at home. “We learnt that we should be using our peripherals a lot more than what we instinctively do,” Anyssa said. “Using our peripherals to determine where we are at that particular moment can help you better determine what hazards could be ahead.” 

GPC CEO Peter O’Sullivan said participation in courses such as this emphasises the Corporation’s commitment to safety. ”Safety is our top priority at GPC,” Mr O’Sullivan said.  “Each day, our workforce practises being switched on and making sure we’re in the best position possible to prevent any accidents from occurring.”