Gladstone Regional Council change the requirements for animal breeding


Gladstone Regional Council change the requirements for animal breeding

BreedingBackyard litters of cats and dogs, as well as breeding for profit, has caused animal shelters, pounds and the RSPCA to be overcrowded with animals.

Gladstone Regional Council is working with the State Government to reinforce responsible pet ownership and halt backyard breeding of cats and dogs.

Gladstone Regional Council enacted breeding approvals at its General Meeting on June 6th, after months of deliberation and consultation.

As of Friday, May 26, 2017, all dog owners who wish to breed their animal, will first need to become a registered breeder.

In addition, Council’s Environment and Community Services Committee Chair Councillor, Cindi Bush said the new local law amendment would require all cat owners, from June 16, 2017, to seek Council approval prior to breeding their animal.

“Council will issue relevant approval conditions and penalties will apply to cat owners who either fail to adhere to the conditions or allow their cat to breed without prior approval,” Cr Bush said.

“Once approval is granted, cat owners will be issued with a registered breeding number, which they will need to include as part of any sale advertisement.

“The change will be actioned on a complaints-received basis, so residents are encouraged to contact Council if a cat and/or kitten is being advertised for sale, without a registered breeding number.”