Growing Gladstone Beyond 2020

Growing Gladstone Beyond 2020

Joe Smith and the team at the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc (GCCI) are excited to announce the launch of the fourth instalment of the business survey for the Gladstone region.

Starting in 2013 the survey was previously known as the ‘Boom, Bust… Survey’ but has been rebranded to Growing Gladstone Beyond 2020.

The survey opened on the 9th of December and will close on the 12th of February 2021, tracking how businesses have performed during the different stages of the economic cycle of the Gladstone region.

Joe explained,

“We have added questions on how businesses have coped with COVID 19 and the recent bush fires as we believe these have had a major impact however some businesses have recovered well so far.

After the results have been analysed, we can determine where businesses require additional assistance and if there are areas where we need to advocate for additional support.”

This is the fourth time the survey has been conducted with previous surveys identifying areas such as finance, strategic planning, marketing, human resources, and IT as being areas where businesses required additional assistance.

“I hope that business conditions and performance has improved since the last survey.

At the beginning of 2020 there was a sense of improved business confidence however the effects of COVID may have affected this due to global economic uncertainty.

However, we are also aware of a busy year in 2021 with major shutdowns and maintenance scheduled in which should have a great effect if local businesses and workers are engaged.” Joe Said.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and could provide significant outcomes for all Gladstone businesses. To complete the survey head to: