Gullarn ngheeree – Welcome to this beautiful place

Gullarn ngheeree – Welcome to this beautiful place

The teaching and learning within a school community is ever-evolving, often reflective of the society in which we live.  Here at St Francis Catholic Primary School, with Christ at our centre and embracing our Franciscan charism, we hold steadfastly to the foundations of our school culture.

As a Franciscan school, we embrace and value the dimensions within a person – physical, cognitive, social/emotional, spiritual, cultural, psychological/personal. Individual identity is fundamental; it is the unique, different, and specific which is important to us.  Witness to the Gospel values of our greatest teacher, Jesus Christ, is central as we ‘journey as family in peace through love’.

Authentic relationships among students, staff and families are key to building positive behaviours within a learning environment. “Young children experience their world as an environment of relationships, and these relationships affect virtually all aspects of their development” (Young Children Develop in an Environment of Relationships (Center of the Developing Child).  Building relationships does not happen in a perfect world; it happens in the ordinary-ness and messy-ness that days can bring. The models informing our practices of supporting positive relationships and wellbeing reflect the unique daily contexts within which we learn and grow.

Three statements underpin our teaching and learning at St Francis Catholic Primary School:

  • We are learner centred.
  • We are caring and supportive.
  • We are communities of thinking and learning.
  • Supporting students’ wellbeing beyond simply addressing their behaviours provides a student-centred, family-community approach.

We invite our children to be the ‘very best versions’ of themselves, using their gifts to benefit the communities in which they live.

PAX et bonum – Peace and all goodness