Hair Aid brings confidence and caring…

Hair Aid brings confidence and caring…

Both chairs were full at the opening of Hair Aid Community Cuts at Roseberry Queensland’s Dignity Hub yesterday.

Two local hairdressers, Megan Miller from Cheeky Chops and Hayley Pinel from Uber Hair kicked off the community initiative yesterday, which all started with a chance encounter at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo last year.

“I was walking around having a look at the various exhibits when I saw a very modest stall and went over to talk to them – and that was Hair Aid. They told me all about their work overseas and that led to me joining and establishing what is called Hair Aid Community Cuts here in Gladstone,” Megan said.

Hair Aid Community Cuts will offer a free, six-weekly free hairdressing service out of the Dignity Hub in Rollo Street with Hayley and Megan bringing all their equipment and offering free haircuts to Gladstone’s homeless community and those experiencing hardship.

Hair Aid is also a not for profit organisation that sends teams of hairdressers to Quezon City, Manila, to teach street people hair cutting skills.  This has also allowed them to build a database of hairdressers that are committed to changing people’s lives in our communities, both overseas and in our local regions.

“I have a small child and I can’t spend time overseas, but giving up a couple of hours of my time every six weeks, that’s something I can do,” Megan said.

“We’ll be there regularly so I am hoping we can build up a rapport with our clients and help them out a bit.  A haircut would be a luxury, it will take that burden of the price of a haircut off the people and help them out that way,” she said

Selina Tomasich, the CEO and Founder of Hair Aid Inc started this humanitarian work over six years ago, working with the poorest community members in Quezon City, to teach them occupational skills so they can earn money to feed, clothe and house themselves and their children.

Yesterday’s customers enjoyed the experience. Roseberry’s housing manager Sherrie Stringer said of Megan’s first customer: “This lady spends a lot of her time looking after others and today we are going to make sure she is looked after as well.”

Roseberry Dignity Hub

Provides community members and Families experiencing homelessness {of any age bracket} access to free

  • Laundry for washing and drying of clothing,
  • Bathroom for shower and personal hygiene,
  • Kitchenette for tea, coffee facilities. {Resemble a basic community housing style studio}
  • Provide access for those experiencing crisis, perishable food items
  • Information and referrals to other services

Roseberry House youth shelter

Provides short-term supported accommodation for young people aged 16 – 25 years, experiencing homelessness.

Roseberry House is staffed 365 days a year. Roseberry House work to enhance the dignity and independence of young people while recognising the importance of families and provide basic living skills, information and referral and advocacy to broaden the young person’s support network, ensuring their identified needs are met.