Happy Rocks Hit Gladstone

Happy Rocks Hit Gladstone

A fun new craze is sweeping Gladstone, and as our picture shows, our very own business manager, Stacy Berry experienced the ROCK HUNTERS 4680 phenomena for herself last week.

Adults and children of all ages are taking to the lo-fi and creative Rock Hunting fad, putting down their screens and tablets and picking up a paintbrush before releasing their painted rocks into the universe, hiding them and hoping that someone will find them – to keep or to relocate.

The Rock Hunters Gladstone page on Facebook already has over 300 members including enthusiastic rock painter Councillor Cindi Bush, who says the craze is a “beautiful project”.

In one story on the page, a Gladstone rock was found in Perth, before moving on to Roxby Downs.

If painting rocks doesn’t appeal to you, you can hunt for hidden rocks, collect or re-hide them somewhere else.

Group administrator and educator Bec Titchmarsh says there are some simple rules to rock-hunting:

  1. Hide rocks (decorated any way you desire) anywhere you like around the community.
  2. Post a pic of the area/park you are hiding them in on the group’s page and a pic of the rock to give a little clue.
  3. Do not hide in private businesses or private property without asking, be respectful.
  4. If you find a rock post a pic to the group and then it’s your choice to hide in another spot or keep the rock. Please state if you’re keeping or hiding.
  5. Clear coat your rocks to protect your paintwork.
  6. Most important rule have fun.
  7. Put our postcode 4680 on the rock somewhere so we know it’s ours
  8. You can also write some type of a positive message on it like Love, Faith, Beautiful, or You are Amazing – that way when someone finds it it will make their day.