Have you ever been on an Intrepid?

Have you ever been on an Intrepid?

I’ve travelled Europe on my own with a backpack, done the family cruise ship trip and been to Vegas with an 8 month old and while I was pregnant. I never say never when it comes to trips.

One of the standout holidays I’ve been on was with my Mum. Not that I knew it at the time, but it was our last adventure together before she passed away from Leukaemia and it was amazing.

The two of us for my 30th birthday decided to go on an Intrepid tour around Morocco (the place they make that Moroccan hair oil – as I knew it).

So what’s the deal with Intrepid Tours? They are small group style and you travel the local way, eat the local way and often sleep the local way. You get a local tour guide and even though it’s a small group they organise big adventures! We went to the Sahara desert on camels and slept the night in desert tents. Seeing the sunset and rise was incredible and a memory I will share with my Mum forevermore.

These are the top things I loved about Intrepid. If you are going to a country where all you know of is they make oil for hair, then Google may take a while to find the right sights to see and chances are you’ll miss out on a lot. This tour style is organised for you based on interest & activity level. You get all the good ideas out together and you just go on the ride. We had family stays so we got to see what it was like to live there and cooking classes too.

If you love culture and adventure and want nothing to do with planning it all I would highly recommend it. The group was 30+ too, so not really a young party crowd, but it was a ‘glass of wine or six with dinner type’ which suits me. Lots of fun!

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