Healthy Habits

How to get creative with food each day of the week!

Healthy Habits

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan urges Queenslanders and their families to get creative when it comes to making healthy meals, every day of the week.

“Healthy eating provides plenty of health benefits, including boosting your immune system which is incredibly important,” Ms McMillan said. Around one-quarter of all cancer cases are preventable through eating healthy and being physically active.

Here are five easy ways to get creative with planning healthy meals throughout the week.

Days of the week challenge:

The family must decide on a meal plan for the week, using the letters of each day. Think meatball Monday or Taco Tuesday.

Cuisine of the day challenge:

Bring a bit of geography into the cooking lessons with a different cuisine each day. Get creative with homemade pizza for Italian night or try sushi-making for an Asian-inspired meal.

Chef of the day challenge:

This one is easiest for bigger households, where a different member is nominated each day to be the resident chef. The kitchen is under their control for the day as they whip up their favourite healthy meal for the household.

Ingredient of the day challenge:

For something a bit more challenging, choose a different ingredient to champion each day. Each meal must incorporate the ingredient in some way. For example, spinach is an easy ingredient to sneak into breakfast omelettes, lunch salads, and dinner stir-fries.

Theme of the week challenge:

Let your creativity run wild with this challenge and get the household together to nominate a theme for the week. From colour schemes to nutrition types, the options are endless. For a ‘lean and green’ theme, a pear and apple salad serves for a flavoursome, yet healthy lunch.