Here in History by Betty Laver

Here in History by Betty Laver

TAFE College


In the early days, a site of 9.5 acres was set aside on the corner of Tank and Glenlyon streets for a Technical College.

In the 1970s when it was decided to construct an Olympic Swimming Pool, the size and location of this site made it more attractive for this use.

At this same time the Harbour Board was doing excavation work on some land in Derby Street and, as this was a much larger area, it made sense to use the Tank Street land for the pool and set aside the Derby Street area for a future college.

In 1974 all technical colleges became known as Technical and Further Education Colleges (TAFE).

By 1976, with developing industry in the region, moves were made for the building of a campus in

Gladstone on the Derby Street site.

Gladstone TAFE College opened its doors to the public on 22 January 1982 with the first prevocational classes commencing in May of that year.

By September, the first block of first year apprentices started.

Adult and Community Education courses were offered from the college’s inception and Commercial and Business Study Classes commenced the following year.

Gladstone later expanded these services and upgrades, and additional buildings enhanced the campus.

The college established itself in high profile in the community and made strong relations with local industries and authorities.

College facilities became extensively utilised by the community and the college has hosted Works Skills Competitions, Gas Expos, Career Markets, Homemakers Fairs and many other activities.

Gladstone area school children, the Little Athletics Association and the Gladstone Athletics Club

frequently access the college oval.

College students were continually involved in “live work” activities and the community benefitted greatly because of this involvement.

The Gladstone Region relies on this resource to constantly upgrade the skills of its work force to meet its growing needs.