HitFm welcome new announcer LAKEY.

HOT FM's Lakey at Gladstone News Office for a face to face chat.

HitFm welcome new announcer LAKEY.

It’s safe to say the new face, but more so the new voice in town is excited to be here. Danny Lakey is the new announcer on the Hit Central Queensland breakfast radio show, alongside co-host Carly Portch.







I’m really happy to be here, the weather is beautiful, there’s a beach close by, I just hope I fit in and Gladstone likes me.” Lakey said.

Lakey has been on Radio for 4 years and previously hosted a show on Star FM in Townsville and so isn’t affected by the early morning schedule demanded by breakfast radio and although they’ve only hosted a handful of shows together the dynamic is proving to be a happy and comfortable one. “I don’t know what the show was like before but I feel like this one is going well,” he said.
Q: Growing up, did you always want to work in radio?

“Yeah. Yeah, I remember like you could do these little radio stations on your computer, you could just plug in your microphone and just start broadcasting to like someone in Barbados, so I use to do that a lot.”

Although it’s work that has brought Lakey to Gladstone we sat down to get to know more about the man behind the voice and his new life in Gladstone.

Q: Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

“I’m an Extrovert, but I can be introverted. I do love my downtime; I’ve been off the sauce since 2014 so I don’t get rowdy on weekends anymore.”

Q: What is an ideal weekend for you?

“Watching the footy, getting up early, going for a healthy breakfast going to the gym, and yeah watching the footy. Breakfast. Gym. Footy. Gym to get the body moving and the brain pumping, not for the sweet gains.”

Q: What is one thing people always misunderstand about you?

“Probably think I’m some sort of homeless pirate. They probably think that I’m an under achiever. “

Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

“Bungy Jumped, skydived, rode a bull, been in an acrobatic plane.”

Q: Would you do them all again?

“Yep, I’m riding a bull again next weekend. The only thing I’d never do is cut my hair and beard. No-one ever has a good haircut. I almost have a fear of haircuts.”

Q: What’s on your bucket list this year?

“Make some friends in Gladstone, I don’t know anyone here. I really want to learn to fish. I want to meet a fisherman who can teach me to fish.”

Q: Do you have a radio dream?

“I’m happy to be here but the dream would be Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth in a 3-person breakfast show. I didn’t come here to just do my time, I like it but it’s great to dream. “

Being closed into a small, windowless studio at the very early hours of the morning will give you a pretty quick indication as to whether or not you’re likely to love or hate your new co-host. “We know what each other’s breaths smell like.” Lakey said of waking up with the new woman in his life, “It can feel like you’re in an arranged marriage.”

Q: Are you going start dating here in Gladstone?
“I don’t want to do it too soon but I am a man looking for a lady. I’m on Tinder and Plenty of Fish, but the worst thing about being on Plenty of Fish is realising there actually isn’t plenty of fish.“

Q: What is your relationship deal breaker?

“If they’re a “No” person, close-minded and says “No” a lot. Or someone who takes themselves too seriously.”

Whether it’s eating poached eggs at a local cafe, having a cup of tea and putting a few pieces into a jigsaw with a new friend, hosting an event, or exploring the region, Danny Lakey is man who is embracing his new adventure in Gladstone, wholeheartedly and looking forward to experiencing all of the things our region has to offer.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”