Learn to fish from the locals!

Learn to fish from the locals!

fishing tipsWell well well, it’s upon us once again and the buzz around town is as busy as it has been in past years. Secret squirrel tips, pre-fishing plans, what are we targeting, what is the weather doing but most of all we are all claiming to win the prized boat, and boy does she look magic this year! Curtis Coast Marine have really stepped up and left all of us Homer Simpson drooling. 

So here we are! Many fisho’s get out this week and rely on all the knowledge they have accumulated over many years but with a comp like this, which I may add is the biggest family comp in Australia, there are may of us who will dust off the rod and reel or hand line and have a crack, why wouldn’t you, have you seen the prize boat?

So here we are only a day to go before the comp opens, do you have a plan? Do you have a species that you would like to target? So on and so on, I have drawn on the endless pit of knowledge that is Gladstone Fishing Network and our members, we have some tips for those who may well know their chosen species and are thinking of going outside comfort zones or those that are just having a chop, either way, valuable information for all of us.

Zane Read

“My best tip is to decide on just a few species to target, make a plan of where and when and try and stick to it. Good bait and good gear.

Good luck to all, it is going to be a great weekend with a so much to come down to Bray Park for, to see the entertainment, catches in the live tanks and so much more, this event puts the region on the map so Gladstone and Tannum support it like its a part of your economy because it is.”

Joel Cornwell

“Probably my favourite fish to catch offshore is Redthroat Sweetlip. best tip to catching them would be use fresh bait, Fish will hit just about anything when they are on the bite, but when things are getting quiet it’ll make the difference between fish and no fish. I prefer a paternoster rig baited with squid drifting so you can cover a bit of ground if you find a hot spot you can anchor there but if you’re not getting fish it’s time to drift again. Another tip always have a hand line or rod rigged up with a squid jig you never know when one is gonna follow your fish in so its good to be ready for them.”

Sam Lyons

“Flathead love a slow rolled paddle tail soft plastic, fished closely to the bottom. If possible, fish with the tide as flathead will sit facing into the current waiting for food to pass by, especially on sand/mud flats and gravel bars.”

They say that knowledge is power, local knowledge is even more powerful in the in a fishing world, honestly you cannot go past it, our waters fish extremely well in some area’s but others take some work so thank you to all the contributors for this article for sharing and I do hope that success comes your way, oh and mine hahaha!

– Eve Malone