Inspiring Women Awards – Winners Announced!

Inspiring Women Awards – Winners Announced!

Inspiring Woman of the Year 2016

sherradean stringer




Sherrie’s spiel:

Being rewarded for what I do, is not something I get into. I just do it.

I am the Supervisor at RCS Roseberry House Youth Shelter. I arrive every day to work, pumped and motivated.


  • Because I get to fight for a child’s /young person’s rights
  • The right to have a safe place
  • The right to have a bed
  • The right to have food in their belly
  • The right to engage in education or employment
  • The right to have clothes to wear
  • The right to have free sanitary items
  • The right to have a voice
  • And most importantly of all the rights… to be listened to.

In my spare time, I campaign with “Stop putting children in adult prisons” and, more recently, “Share the Dignity” Campaign.

I don’t want to tell my life story, I have 3 amazingly strong children, who are now all in their 20’s.

I will say, my journey has been a struggle, from the day I started school, till leaving an unhealthy relationship 11 years ago.

I have to say my employer, Roseberry Community Services, has played a huge part in my life in the last 9.5 years. They gave me the strength to grow and keep growing and be me.  Not many people could say that, about their employer. But I can.

My new husband {who is hot} has taught me so much about self-worth, and what a respectful relationship is, and  it is ok, to not have the house spotless, and it is ok to leave washing for a day, its ok to have my own bank account, and mostly it is ok to be me.

 So today, I am me –  a strong,  in-tune woman, with a few quirky habits.

A huge congratulations to Sherradean for winning this prestigious award.

Inspiring Young Woman of the Year 2016

Delaney Burke




15 year old Delaney Burke is one busy girl, and there’s nothing stopping her!

As a former Calliope State School Vice-Captain, and more recently a Chanel College Middle Years School Leader, Delaney thrives in her leadership roles, encouraging others and being a positive role model.

The year 10 student has excelled in her academic studies, especially in English, where she has come 1st for the past two years, which she channels into her love for debating and public speaking. She still finds time for singing, piano and speech and drama classes.

Delaney is most comfortable and happy on the stage! Performing Arts are her passion and she loves every minute of it!

Congratulations Delaney for such a wonderful achievement.

Heroic Woman of the Year 2016

miss m



Miss M would prefer not to be identified, and instead will have a private ceremony at the Gladstone Women’s Health Centre to celebrate her achievements.

Congratulations and thank you to Miss M for her heroic efforts in the community.

Check out our gallery of photos from the event breakfast!

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