International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated around the world on the 8th of March and is a day to reflect on how far we have come and how far we still must go to truly achieve gender equality. Celebrated since 1911 the day is not country, group or organisation specific and belongs to everybody, everywhere.  

Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained: “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” 

Each year as we celebrate International Women’s Day we recognise the important role we all play – as women, men, non-binary and gender diverse people. It takes all of us, working in collaboration, overcoming challenges, breaking down stereotypes and gendered roles to create a world where women and girls everywhere have equal rights and opportunities. International Women’s Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action 

The team at Gladstone News are passionate about celebrating the achievements and diversity of members of our community, both men and womenIn honour of International Women’s Day over the next few pages, we celebrate a selection of Gladstone’s finest women in business 

“I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘Wow, I’m not really sure I can do this,’ and you push through those moments, that’s when you have a breakthrough.” ― Marissa Mayer, Former CEO, YAHOO

Ashleigh Kvitko – CEO of Gladstone News + Elevate Media 

We get in life and in business what we have the courage to work for.  

For me, International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the incredible women in our families, our communities and our businesses. Especially on this day, we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.  This day also acts as a call to action for individuals and organisations to promote, enforce, and advocate for gender equality. 

Elevate Media and Gladstone News are powered and empowered by a team of culturally diverse and tremendously creative, talented women. We are surrounded by women in our community who smash past the stereotypes, stand up for their views and earn their seat at the table. These women also make up the teams I am proud to lead in the Print and Digital world and encourage young women in our community to stand up for their passions and believe in themselves.  

Controversially, on this day I also celebrate the men in my family and business who treat all women as equals. My husband, who without reservation supports me, and the businessmen who offer their words of encouragement and advice are greatly welcomed as a relatively new business owner.  

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish, whether that’s in politics or other fields.” Michelle Obama 

Roseberry QLD – Women Empowering


“I love it when women empower each other, that’s when true leadership shines through and should be celebrated. We take inspiration from each other to strive to do our very best, and we are there for each other if things are a challenge. When we treat people with the respect they deserve, equality will become a by-product.”

– Colleen Tribe (General Manager)

Island Sands Asset Management

Behind every successful woman is a team of other successful women!


“Our point of difference that sets us apart from other agencies is the fact that we only manage residential rental properties! When you are passionate about something, you generally find that you do it to the best of your ability, and that is exactly what this team are doing!

We are a strong team of 4 women who regularly attend industry training and conferences throughout the year to ensure that we deliver exceptional services to landlords and tenants alike. As sole Director and a hands on Property Manager I have experienced both the highs and lows of property management. I am fully aware that when we are managing your investment, as a home owner or investor you expect nothing less than being kept up to date and informed every step of the way.” – Sandy Buttsworth, Director.

Gladstone Area Group Apprentices and Trainees 


My role of CEO at Gladstone Area Group Apprentices and Trainees are made exciting by the fact that we see more gender balance occurring across trades each year. For example, we have both female & males completing apprenticeships and traineeships in roles that were once solely male or solely female. We have females undertaking Diesel fitting, boiler making, electrical and mechanical trades that were once considered male only and we have males undertaking Business Administration and some hospitality trades that were very much considered female only trades.

I am also fortunate that the boards I sit on have very much a gender balance with myself being the chair of the GAPDL and the Gladstone Airport Corporation also has a female board chair.

Gladstone Area Group Apprentices and Trainees also have a mixed gender board. To become an employ

er of choice with people wanting to work with you, you must offer a strong gender balance where possible.

Leigh Zimmerlie – Cheif Executive Officer

Locations Estate Agents – Innovative thinking & genuine care!

“CELEBRATING WOMEN IN BUSINESS HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN EVENT CLOSE TO MY HEART. However, I am just as passionate about seeing all people receive equal opportunity in the workplace and community. Diversity is the spice of life and the necessity for positive change and growth. I am very proud of the women in our team who continue to improve our business with their innovative thinking and genuine care for our clients. It also makes me proud to see the changes within the real estate industry and the great things women are doing in this space too. Whatever the challenge is, women are incredibly capable, adaptable beings and regularly step up to the challenge.

The improvements in technology mean that women can achieve more in their personal and professional lives with purpose and integrity, irrespective of the challenges we face. Although technology is changing our workspaces every day, nothing trumps personalised service. So thank you to those people who take the extra time to provide an ear and smile when it is needed most.

From all of the team at LOCATIONS estate agents, we say a heartfelt congratulations to all of the women in our community who have achieved wonderful things on a personal and professional level

Alicia Williams – Locations Estate Agents



Essential Body Personal Training – Promoting a Holistic approach to health & fitness

At Essential Body Personal Training, you will be guided in exercise and nutrition all within the safe and private environment of a professional studio.

The studio prides itself on the attentive care given to each one of their clients.

As a woman, it is important to make time to care for yourself. As the saying goes you cannot pour from an empty cup. Allow Angela and her dedicated team help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

“My program incorporates healthy nutrition with the Ultra Lite professional weight and health management program, exercise with one on one personal training, group personal training, fit boxing and Tai Chi Qigong. I offer an obligation free consultation to begin your holistic journey to health and fitness. Be prepared to transform your Body, Mind and Soul!”

Angela Larose

Founder of Essential Body Personal Training

BALANCE FOR BETTER  – Celebrating International Women’s Day at Gladstone Regional Council 

Council recognises and appreciates that balance is key to creating a better working world, therefore, 48 per cent of its employees are women and 52 per cent men.  

Balance for Better I believe means finding the perfect balance between my work, family and community.  

My voluntary position as Sports Trainer at my kids’ Rugby League Club keeps me grounded and allows me to spend time with my children and local community. I enjoy giving back to the community and spending time with my family. For me, this is balance.  

I believe self-care is highly important and is essential in mastering the perfect work-life balance, so maintaining a regular exercise program ensures I am mentally balanced for work and family.  

Leisa Dowling CEO  

Chief Executive Officer  

Gladstone Regional Council 






Jill Black Team Leader Parks 

I think Balance for Better means having equal opportunities, workplaces that allow a healthy work-life balance and having the support from family and colleagues to succeed.  

I love getting up for work every morning and I love what I do! I am one of the Team Leaders for Parks in the Gladstone Region. Typically, this is a male-dominated industry, however, Council has given me many opportunities to progress myself to a leadership position based on skill and experience.  

I often felt the pressure of working when I was raising my children. It was a juggling actI think it’s fantastic that businesses now give opportunities to working mums, whether it’s flexible working hours or even nine-day fortnights. I certainly find that my nine-day fortnight helps me balance my life a lot more easily

Celisa Faulkner 

Manager Asset Planning 

I enrolled in a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at CQ University in 2004 to make a difference to how people live but I was surprised by how different my thought patterns were to those around me, primarily men. 

Through a Council engineering student scholarship, I developed from a student with no idea how to ‘fit in’, to Manager Asset Planning that knows I don’t have to ‘fit in’. My team plans what infrastructure is needed in the future for Council to deliver its essential services and with a balanced team, we able to develop more efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions.  

The last 13 years has showed me that my ‘way’ brings a different perspective to an engineering team. A perspective that provides for balanced discussion and problem-solving. It is a women’s perspective and at times very different to my male counterparts. Never underestimate the power of different perspectives! 

Alicia Lowther – Cosmetic Nurse 

Alicia has been practising as a Registered Nurse for the past 13 years, 9 of those primarily focusing on aesthetic nursing. Alicia offers the latest in anti-aging treatments and is able to assist in treatment of many skin concerns with state-of-the-art technology.  

‘To deliver the best and most natural results in cosmetic medicine, you must not only focus on safe practice, but you must also have an artistic eye. We want to look healthy and fantastic for our age, not to try and look 20 years younger’ – Alicia Lowther. 

Alicia offers treatments including: 

-Anti-wrinkle injections 

-Dermal filler injections 

-Platelet Rich Plasma (vampire facial) treatments 

-Skin needling 

-Skin peels 


-Medical grade facials 

Lipodissolve (fat dissolving) injections 

-Laser permanent hair reduction- 

-Laser facial & leg vein removal 

-Laser genesis (skin rejuvenation) 

-Pigmentation removal 

-Intravenous nutrient infusions