Introducing Startup Gladstone’s “The Big 6 Recycling Workshop”: Empowering Founders for a Sustainable Future.

Introducing Startup Gladstone’s “The Big 6 Recycling Workshop”: Empowering Founders for a Sustainable Future.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, entrepreneurship and innovation are crucial for driving economic growth and social progress. Recognising this, Startup Gladstone Inc. , has emerged as a not for profit orrganisation that is dedicated to supporting both existing and upcoming entrepreneurs and businesses.

Maria Cabral Fernandes, who is the Project Manager for Startup Gladstone Inc stated;

“Our mission is to empower founders towards value creation, innovation and technology,”

“By collaborating with the Queensland Government and local industry leaders, Startup Gladstone Inc. has successfully established a ten – year roadmap. This roadmap is then divided into three development programs; EarlyPreneur Program and Junior Innov8ors, Youth Innov8ors, and Innov8ors.” said Maria.

In order to enrich the learning experiences of participants in these programs, Startup Gladstone Inc, created an exciting project titled ‘The Big 6 Recycling Workshop,’ that specifically targets learners from both the EarlyPreneur and the Junior Innov8ors audience. The Big 6 was conceived and concepted by Dr Megan Ellis of The Gladstone Ports Corporation. This project was successfully funded by the Gladstone Regional Council under the Grassroots fund. Operating withing Startup Gladstone Inc’s weekly Wednesday Term STEM Club, the workshop spanned nine sessions. The project incorporated digital literacy using 3D design software across seven classes and two hands – on workshops.

At the heart of this project, key themes such as; Recycling, Digital Literacy and Gladstone’s Big 6 marine animals played a huge role in the initiative. By participating in this workshop, students, parents and the wider community not only gained knowledge about the local ecosystem but also actively engaged in it’s preservation. Students who participated in the hands on workshop, had the opportunity to construct these unique marine creatures, using recycled materials under the guidance of award winning facilitator Rosemary Anderson.

Startup Gladstone Inc. STEM Club acknowledges and is grateful for the sponsorship from respected organisations such as ConocoPhillips, Advance Queensland, Bank of Queensland, and Boyne Smelter Ltd which is operated by Rio Tinto. Furthermore, this workshop has received a tremendous amount of support from the community and aims to be accessible, free of charge to primary students and members of the community.

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