Its not over til the ‘full figured’ lady sings. #grcelectionupdate

Its not over til the ‘full figured’ lady sings. #grcelectionupdate

Today the majority of votes have being published with 81% of votes now accounted for we wait over the weekend (TIL TUESDAY) for the last of postal votes to come in and add to the tally board.

Approximately 400 declaration votes and around 300 postal votes could arrive by mail between now and Tuesday 5pm. We will see the final result for the either Kahn Goodluck or Alex Staines being voted into a Councillor position, ONLY 51 votes separate them.

As the good old saying goes (with a new politically correct twist)

It’s not over til the ‘full figured’ lady sings.

While we can see some seats could be 100% announced BUT Gladstone News have decided seeing as ‘Councillors work as a team’, one in all in. When we have a clear winner for the 8th seat we will congratulate and name our 8 new GRC Councillors with a warm welcome at the same time. Not until Tuesday.

Latest results here:

TREVOR, Chris 18367

BUSH, Cindi 15551

HANSEN, Rick 15394 (CR)


CHURCHILL, Glenn 14214

O’GRADY, Desley 12645

MASTERS, Peter 12280

GOODLUCK, Kahn 11547

(51 votes)

STAINES, Alex 11496

PORTER, Karen 11182 (CR)

DAHL, Lynette 10703

MUSZKAT, Natalia 10529

CAMERON, Chris 10219

COUCH, Ted 10146

MCMULLEN, Jody 9486

WALKER, Alf 9155

LANZON, Ren 9215

SANT, Helena 7942

MCRAE, Amanda 7666

POWELL, Peter 7169

THOMPSON, Charles 4148