Alison from Innate Chiropractic – International Women’s Day

Alison from Innate Chiropractic – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate women, empowerment, strength, resiliency and our journeys, whatever shape they may take. Particularly the movement from womanhood into motherhood. The strength that we gain from our woman posse is extraordinary. I love hearing about the resilience, journeys and choices that have brought women to where they are today.

If I could change one thing to make the world a better place for women it would be making sure all women have the ability and freedom to express their own version of awesomeness and self. I would also love for all mothers to have excellent pre and post-partum healthcare with practitioners who will help them to see they have everything they need residing within themselves – they are perfect just as they are.

I am so grateful to be able to choose my direction in life, to be a business owner who gets to do a job that she loves, with a great tribe of people, and to much more easily gain the support from family and community to achieve those goals.

The toughest path of womanhood I’ve had to face is the movement of Motherhood to a ‘business model’. We are encouraged to ignore our internal intuitive mothering instincts, and we are expected to tick all of the boxes and make it look insta perfect. I think that social media has driven a large divide within the experiences of mothering and a lot of anxiety and depression is stemming from it.

I love that workplaces are beginning to embrace flexible working environments for our mothers, but in order to have a truly equal society, we need to allow our fathers the same rights. Our mothers are now encouraged to return to the workforce, which for many of them is wonderful, yet they are still expected to do all of the load around the children. Some congruency between the genders would be an amazing change to the Australian Society as we currently see it.