Jack Up Barge

Jack Up Barge

If you see this in the water in the Clinton Channel and are wondering what it is, here is all you need to know about it.

What is this and why is it there?

This is a jack up barge.

Where and When?

It is anticipated that geotechnical and geochemical sampling equipment including a large jack up barge will be mobilised from Saturday 23 July with drilling to commence on Wednesday 27 July for a period of approximately 11 days.

What does it do?

Undertake geotechnical and geochemical sampling as part of current investigations to reduce the impact of vessel interactions through the Clinton Channel and to maximise port capacity and efficiency.


As a result of increased vessel traffic from Wiggins Island Coal Terminal (WICT), and in particular an increase in the number of cape size vessels passing RG Tanna wharf, there is a need to investigate long-term options to ensure the continued safe and efficient passage of vessels through the Clinton Channel..The displacement of water by the passing vessel can exert significant forces on the vessels at berth and presents the potential risk of vessels breaking lines and moving off the RG Tanna wharf.


Gladstone Ports Corporation’s GPC is currently managing the interactions of vessels in the Clinton Channel through a number of mitigation activities including reduced vessel speed and additional escort tugs, however a more permanent solution is required as vessel traffic increases.

GPC’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Michael Galt confirmed that GPC is currently investigating various options including the management of vessel speed, a vacuum mooring system, and potential channel development works to effectively manage vessel interactions in the Clinton Channel.

“Following a full investigation, should the approved option require dredging works to be carried out, a full approvals process would be undertaken in conjunction with the State and Commonwealth Governments,” Mr Galt said.