Join in on the “Kindness Challenge”

Join in on the “Kindness Challenge”

Dermotique Skin and Laser Clinic are hoping other small businesses in the area will join them in a “Kindness Challenge”.

This week, Anita Coad from Anita’s Angels cat refuge and Nicole Allison from Team RSPCA Gladstone took delivery of a several baskets of food, beds, toys and other necessities all donated by Dermotique’s  employees, for the animals currently in their care:

“I would look at the animal rescue agencies on social media and it breaks my heart when I’d see the little faces of lost or abandoned animals who need a new home,” organiser of the initiative Helen Ibbotson said.

“All of us here love our animals, we treat them like a member of the family and everyone was really generous, putting a thing or two extra in their shop every week to donate ,” she said.

Anita Coad currently has thirty cats in her care. She runs her cat refuge, Anita’s Angels mainly on her own and covers the cost of desexing, microchipping, immunization and re-homing cats not only in Gladstone but outside the region. She coordinates cat rescues and transport from other parts of the state and it’s all funded out of her own pocket, and from generous community donations.

Team RSPCA coordinator Nicole Allison said they were also at capacity for rescue dogs at the Gladstone shelter needing regular feeding and veterinary care and donations were always needed.

Dr Angeline Viljoen said while Helen led the initiative, she and the rest of the team Tania Harp, Natalie Coetzee and Anna-Marie Viljoen found out the kindness bug was catching:

“It would be great if everyone did this from time to time, we’re happy to put out the challenge to other businesses nearby to dig deep for community causes.”