Junction Café Turns 2

Junction Café Turns 2

Last Friday on the 31st of July, Tannum Sand’s Junction Cafe celebrated it’s second birthday.

Melissa Smart and her husband bought the cafe back in 2018 after working with the previous owner for a number of years. Melissa is no stranger to cafe culture, having previously owned a cafe in Victoria before she made the move to Gladstone. With a global pandemic and the restrictions that followed, the hospitality industry has suffered greatly. With a large amount of community support, however, Melissa said business hasn’t been too bad.

“We were very lucky actually, we have a great following of locals that regularly visit the cafe, they come most mornings for coffee and sometimes twice a day, we are very lucky in that way.”

During the pandemic, Melissa had to come up with quick creative solutions for a new set of challenges.

“We did takeaways from the front door for about 6 weeks at one stage. We also began opening 3 nights a week, as the local pub and surf club were closed.”

Melissa used her time during the pandemic wisely by constructing and opening a new outdoor dining space.

“Once the government allowed gatherings of 50 people that’s when we thought we should work on the space outside. It only took about 2 weeks to build by my husband and then we had it ready to go!”

Melissa attributes her business’s success to the care and focus she gives her regulars on a daily basis.

“We know our regular customers by their names, by their orders, we know their family members and kids, we are more of a community orientated business.”