Koolyangarra Kindy Teacher retiring after 40 years

Koolyangarra Kindy Teacher retiring after 40 years

Debbie Hancock was born and bred in Gladstone and has taught at Koolyangarra Kindy for 37 years.

When Debbie finished college, she began working at Koolyangarra, after 4 years Debbie left to have children and, in that time, she returned to Calliope and started the Calliope Kindy.

Debbie has been working part time for the past two years and said,

“It’s time! Time to retire and begin some other adventures in my life.

It was a hard decision, but it feels right.”

Debbie said she has many things she wants to do now that she has finished working,

“I want my husband and I to go travelling!

We have bought a caravan and we are ready to go, now I just have to convince him to retire.”

When Debbie was asked if she had a standout memory over those 40 years she explained,

“No, not really, not one particular memory. Being a kindy teacher everyday is different, everyday you get a laugh, you get a smile, you get something precious happens in the day and there is so many of those memories, it would be impossible to pick one memory.”

“For me, I’m going to miss the kids the most.”

Debbie is finishing up her teacher career at the end of the year and is moving to Woodgate.