Kyle “Ocka” Beale – 2020 Gladstone Regional Council Candidate

Kyle “Ocka” Beale – 2020 Gladstone Regional Council Candidate

I have now made a formal commitment to stand as Councillor in upcoming 2020 Gladstone Regional Council Elections.

This choice has been well discussed and not lightly thought through.

Given my current business interests predominately now in Land and Cattle after the sale of our company, MIPEC Pty Ltd in 2018. I now have the time, interest & support to pursue this pathway.

I’ve been very fortunate to be born and raised here, so to build a home and business here, was very clear. We have such a unique region from the Ranges to the Reef.  We have 2 ½ million acres from the Forest country down to the Salt water, who else has that? Very few…

My history within the Gladstone region dates back 5 generations with also 2 of my forefathers acting as Councillors on the Calliope shire in 1905 and the Gladstone Town Council in 1933.

Our region offers the freedom for our children to live healthy and laugh loud. They have the opportunity to explore their ambitions and future endeavours. We as a community need to encourage this…

I encourage growth & prosperity in every shape & form.

With a position on GRC, I’m truly confident I can further support, help direct and drive the Council team for the economic growth required and do this also in parallel with the workable environmental balance necessary.

To keep updated follow my public facebook page:

URL @KyleOckaBeale01

Kyle Ocka Beale – 2020 Gladstone Regional Council Candidate

During the month of March I will be attending the GRC arranged “Meet the Candidates” throughout the Region. Feel free to come along and have a chat.

“Plan Tomorrow Today”