Licence to independence

By Luke Smart

Licence to independence

Figures show people under the age of 25 are becoming less likely to acquire a driver’s licence, citing cost as the most significant factor. The trend is not only exclusive to Australia, but it’s also happening overseas in the US, Canada, UK, and a lot of Europe as well.

Roseberry is doing their bit in helping to solve this growing problem, offering a free program for their young clients to help get them a learner drivers licence.

The program helps young people by offering financial assistance, covering the cost of the sign up fee for the PrepL test, the cost of the learner drivers licence card and three driving lessons with a local accredited instructor. Roseberry also assists the young people by providing them with access to youth workers who help to keep them more engaged.

Tommy Agnew, a youth support worker from Roseberry said,

“I think it’s really important for young people to get their licence, especially the young people we work with. When they are applying for jobs or an apprenticeship the first thing an employer looks for is an ID and a learner licence, as it allows the young people to get their driving hours up through employment.”

The program has been running for five weeks and currently, six young Gladstone locals are enrolled with two of them already passing the PrepL test.